Kalpaveda is

A Community of seekers who want to feel alive and connected, and wish to realise their true inner potential by living consciously in balance with nature.

A Movement for holistic wellness that aggregates this community, bringing forth the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda as a practical science for an urban audience. The connection between the community further fuels the movement, allowing it to grow exponentially, embracing anyone who seeks to engage.


Kalpaveda envisages a world where everyone leads a healthy & joyful life, in balance with his or her inner self and external surroundings.


Kalpaveda is a life inspiration to seek one's potential. It simplifies how we can live in balance and harmony with nature by mastering the fundamental principles of conscious living using the ancient & powerful science of Ayurveda, distilled and defined for an urban lifestyle.


Kalpaveda aims to channelize the profound wisdom enshrined in our Ayurvedic texts to offer everyone a way to embrace the therapeutic essence of this science in each and every aspect of their life.